What is EcchiCoin? We are an anime and fantasy-powered project that is a token, NFT marketplace, and much more. We plan on incorporating our anime characters into not only our website and NFTs, but also into games and eventually a fully animated series. We hope the community will be so inspired by our characters and their stories that we will be able to raise enough capital to fund an entire season of our animated show.
Why should I invest my money in this project? What makes this any different to the other 1000 Memecoins out there promising huge gains, great rewards, a wonderful community, and amazing roadmaps?
Unlike most other Memecoins, we have an actual property backing our project that you can see, and we can market. We are not a picture of a dog, moon, cat, pig, shark, ‘safe’ something, or Elon on a rocket. We have actual, committed stars as part of our team working on our music and production. We have an extensive amount of marketing opportunities available to us based on our ability through our theme to integrate with the vibrant and wonderful anime community. Our roadmap is not just “more community outreach, more marketing, more stuff” in Q3. We are working on actual products and things that we believe will propel this project forward and make it a long-term success. We think EcchiCoin will spawn merchandise, games, trading cards, cosplayers, and eventually a full animated series based on our characters. This is not a Memecoin. This is EcchiCoin!
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